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hydraulic manifolds supplier

hydraulic Manifolds supplier introduction

  • Over 10 years experience.
  • Standard or customized accepted.
  • ISO9001 certified.
  • Professional and experienced in 3D software designing
  • We know how to design and manufacture, to avoid future quality mistakes.
  • Extensive installation and field application experience.

Những gì chúng tôi cung cấp

  • hydraulic manifodls, standard or customized
  • hydraulic test point & test hose
  •  đầu nối đồng hồ đo áp suất
  • phụ kiện thủy lực tùy chỉnh

Factory Introduction

CNC machine workshop

manidolds testing machine

hydraulic test bench

hydraulic manifolds workshop

Quá trình sản xuất

3D drawing confirmation

Our technicals will discuss the needs for your hydraulic system.

Components assembly inspection&oil path testing

relief valve, filter, pressure sensor, shut-off valve, etc.

Bulk CNC machining

After sample comfirmation, then we start bulk goods CNC macnining.

Manifolds testing

Glitch&thread checking, torque measurement

Pressure-hold test

It will be carried according to the design requirements.

Finished manifolds

After kinds testing, blocks are ready to be packaged&shipped.

What should be Noticed in Manufacturing Process

  • The overall direction of the oil circuit is critical, otherwise it will lead to many unnecessary changes in the later stage. 

  • The adjustment and disassembly space of special components (relief valve, filter, pressure sensor, shut-off valve, etc.) should be fully considered to prevent interference.

  • The interface components (pipe joints or flanges) between the valve block and the external pipeline should be selected in advance, considering its external dimensions, which will affect the determination of the overall size of the valve block.

  • The minimum distance between the adjacent components is preferably greater than or equal to 10mm (considering the part drawing error).

  • All external oil ports and detection ports should have oil port marks, which should be consistent with the corresponding marks on the hydraulic schematic diagram.

  • Different materials determine different pressure levels, and it is necessary to select materials reasonably according to the operating pressure.

  • The material of the valve block needs to ensure that the internal structure is dense, and there should be no defects such as interlayer and trachoma. The blank should be inspected before processing.

  • Pressure-holding test will be carried out on the valve block according to the design requirements. Different system working pressures have different safety factors for the valve blocks.

TẠI SAO chọn chúng tôi

Over 10 years experience in Professional designing&manufacturing manifolds

Our Technicals Will Help To Avoid Any Mistake In Future.

Mature Production& Inspection Process

Professional techincals&workers&quality inspector

We are at Bauma Fairs Shanghai

2020 Bauma Trung Quốc
Ảnh nhóm IKIN tại Bauma 2020 Trung Quốc
Ức chế IKIN

Những lợi ích bạn có thể tìm thấy Ở Ikin

Over 10 years, Professional and Experienced in manifolds

Factory price, flexible delivery time

100% Kiểm tra trước khi kết thúc

Absolutely Strict in production process&quality control

3D Technical design confirmation to meet your hydraulic system demands

100% Raw block material checking, to ensure long working life

3 Years Warranty​

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