How to eliminate mechanical vibration generated in hydraulic system?

Vibration is a phenomenon that often appear in the hydraulic system, which is mainly from two aspects: the mechanical vibration generated by the motion of the system, and the working fluid generated in the process.

Most hydraulic vibration systems are very harmful, of course, except for the use of hydraulic devices operating on the principle of vibration. The vibration adirectly affect the working performance of the hydraulic system, causing damage to the hydraulic components, and accessories line, thereby shortening the system service life.

一. Reasons for vibration of mechanical system

1. Unbalanced rotors

When the prime mover, hydraulic pump, hydraulic motor and so on rotate at high speed, if the shaft imbalance, it will have periodic unbalanced force. Thereby this mechanical vibration  will also cause a series of vibrations to integrated block or other pipelines when mounting base line.

2. Two-axis connection is not concentric

When the prime mover is connected to the hydraulic pump and the hydraulic motor to the load through the coupling, if the coupling is deviated or the rotating shaft is not strong due to the different axis of the connected part, vibration will occur.

3. Improper bearing clearance

During the installation process, if the bearing is selected improperly or the bearing clearance is adjusted improperly, it will cause mechanical vibration. At the same time, when the prime mover, hydraulic pump, and hydraulic motor are in operation, the increase in bearing clearance due to wear and the loosening of fasteners will also cause mechanical vibration.

二. Measures to eliminate mechanical vibration

  1. For the vibration caused by the unbalance of the rotating body, the prime mover, hydraulic pump and hydraulic motor can be selected as far as possible under the premise of meeting the requirements of use.
  1. For the vibration caused by the non-concentricity of the rotating shaft after installation, in addition to the reasonable design of the space installation structure of the connected parts and ensuring the quality of the parts, it is best to design a connected parts as a structure that can be adjusted in the spatial position of the rotating shaft. It will be convenient to adjust when facilitate installation, to ensure good concentricity.
  1. For the vibration caused by the improper bearing clearance, in addition to the selection of the bearing (high-precision bearings have high rotation accuracy, stable operation, and small vibration after equipment installation, but this will increase the manufacturing cost of the equipment, which needs to be considered). When designing the bearing support structure, choose a structure with a gap that is easy to adjust as much as possible.


Vibration is an inseparable physical phenomenon of the hydraulic system. Correctly analyzing the causes of vibration and taking reasonable and effective control measures are important to improve the efficiency of the system and extend the life of the system.

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