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Ikin Fluid is founded in 2009, over 10 years experience.

As an ISO9001 certified hydraulic test point manufacturer, we offer wide specifications. 

All models match hydraulic system in different countries.

You will get the excellent quality goods with lower cost.

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Definition of test point

Pressure test points are test couplings with a very small nominal bore and a check valve.

It is a very practical diagnostic tool.

The main advantage is safe and leak-free access to the hydraulic system under full working pressure.

  • Bleeding (such as oil cylinders and other hydraulic components)
  • Filling (for example, refilling pipes and other hydraulic components with hydraulic oil)
  • Sampling (for example, sampling in the pipeline for later chemical analysis.
  • The possibility to measure pressure and pressure peaks.


 Ikin Fluid offers an extensive inventory of test point fittings, gauge connectors, test hose fittings to make hydraulic systems test easy and efficient. Test point fittings allows to connect gauges simply and safely to hydraulic systems to monitor and measure their performance.

By using high-quality test point equipment supplied by Ikin Fluid, you can: 

  • Easily to monitorpressure without shutting down the hydraulic system.
  • Quickly detect problems in the system including leaking seals, faulty valves, clogged filters, and worn-out pumps and motors.
  • Quickly connectgauges and hoses without tools while the system is under pressure.
  • Effectively vent/bleed thehydraulic system.
  • Takefluid samples to identify or measure contamination.

Successful Application Cases

Pictures are taken by mobile phone in real occasion.

Features of test couplings

Ikin’s test point series offers a host of features : 

  • Cone seal function is unique and with patent(No. 2016214279077 ).
  • Constructed of either stainless steel or zinc nickel-plated carbon steel, which offers exceptional resistance to corrosion.
  • O-rings that seal the protective metal cap to prevent contamination and keep the connection secure during vibration. 

How to use

For deflation, filling and sampling, 1pc pressure test point and 1pc test hose are required. While for pressure readings, additional components are required, such as connected to pressure gauges or sensors. All applications can be used without spilling liquid. The connection and disconnection of test points and hose assemblies will not cause leakage.

Using pressure test points can greatly reduce costs. Practice has proved that it takes less than one minute to read the pressure. Equipment without pressure test point needs much higher cost of maintenance.

Manufacturing Process

With over 10 years experience&ISO 9001 system&SGS management, Ikin offer 15-30% lower cost fittings with high performance.

IKIN test couplings excellent raw material

Excellent Raw Material

The round bar material is cold-drawn formed from world-class drawing equipment.

IKIN workshop of test couplings

Precision Machining

Over 100pcs high precision machining, ensure the size accuracy and  mass production delivery. 

hydraulic test point fittings

Semi-finished Inspection

The necessary inspection of semi-finished guarantee the fittings quality. 

Ikin fittings assembly

Automatic assembly

Fully automatic assembly line make sure the efficiency and accuracy.

pressure gauge connectors zero leakage

Finished 100% Inspection

Leakage for hydraulic test  fittings is a big trouble for hydraulic system. Ikin insist 100% leakage test before finished. And 3 years guarantee.

Ikin test fittings package

Sturdy Packaging

Ordinarily 100pcs/bag, 2 bags/carton.  Seal with tape and then pack with shrink film machine. Make sure the cartons clean and safe.

What Guarantees The Quality Of Our test point

hydraulic test couplings China manufacturer Ikin workshop

over 100pcs high precision machine

workers of Ikin Fluid

technic workers with over 5 years experience

SGS and ISO certificate for IKIN

ISO and SGS system management

test point of cone design structure IKIN

cone design structure, no leakage for oil

Fully automated assembly equipment

test couplings China manufacturer Ikin workshop

100% leakage test before finished

Not Your Average Manufacturers

pressure gauge connectors zero leakage

WHY choose us

Competitive Price

Fully automated assembly equipment, make our hydraulic fittings 15%-30% lower cost with same quality.

consistent Quality

Over 10 years experience and specizlized technic team, make us be supplier for Sany Crane, Eaton, Hawee Hydraulic, Bucher and so on.

short lead time

Fast delivery will be 10 working days. Over 100pcs high precision machine, 5 workshops,  8 production line, make us top 3 manufacturer in China.

Your reliable supplier

Ikin is supplier for Hawe Hydraulic, Sany Crane, Eaton and so on.  We aim at larger market inbroad and ourbroad. Credibility is difinitely most important for us. 

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Benefits You Can Find In Ikin

factory Price and low moq

reliable quality, supplier for Eaton, Hawe and so on

100% leakage Inspection Before finished

3 years warranty

10 working days for bulk shipping

match other fittings like minimess, stauff and so on

cone seal design structure, stable and long life

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