Look back the 2020 Bauma China, Shanghai

On November 27th, the 4-days Bauma China Shanghai 2020 ended successfully.

Despite the impact of the covid pandemic, as well as four consecutive days of rainy, enthusiasm of the construction machinery industry still can not be stopped.

2020 Bauma China

The major construction machinery companies showed their abilities and the creativity of the event dominated the audience.

The exhibitors showed more pleasantly surprise, with many bright spots.

Sany's "Online Bauma Show" becomes a new IP 23.5 billion signed orders!

The debut of the new product witnessed the strength of the “Trinity Steel Corps”.

  • C10 series new pump truck with comprehensive regulations and the longest boom
  • The new hundred-ton large excavator SY1250H

  • 46 models of Sany’s latest equipment from 25 tons to 800 tons cranes

  • Unmanned road roller without cab

  • The world’s first plug-in hybrid paver

  • The world’s first mass-produced electric excavators and other dozens of the most cutting-edge products, all in full attack,  stunning the audience!

Sany Crane

And the below picture shows IKIN’s test coupling used in the Sany crane hydraulic system on the Bauma Exihibition.

The following is the live shooting at Sany’s booth. It is our IKIN hydraulic test coupling used on Sany crane.

We IKIN FLUID are serious at designing and manufacturing hydraulic test points.

IKIN test coupling point

XCMG "Steel Corps" convergence Full of "Chinese Wisdom"

XCMG Group launched the global digital spare parts service information system (XCMG-Global Service System, referred to as X-GSS)”.

Promote digital, intelligent, and unmanned transformation and upgrading.

Again, IKIN FLUID pressure check test point is used in the XCMG’s booth.

parker fittings replacement supplier

Zoomlion signed over 9 billion RMB on the first day, the new product witnessed the world's most.

  • Zoomlion’s world’s highest self-propelled straight arm aerial work platform ZT68J
  • Zoomlion exhibited many “black technology” products
  • New high-tech products of Zoomlion,all demonstrate strong R&D and innovation capabilities.

The following picture shows the application of IKIN pressure test points, taken at the booth of Zoomlion:

IKIN pressure test point

In addition, below is the pressure test coupling used in many other customers booth exhibits.

HYDRAULIC test point manufacturer
IKIN hydraulic pressure test point

Affected by the epidemic, the number of customers to participate in the show than in 2018 year has decreased, but many customers still come to the party.

The professional exhibits, with a sense of science and technology carefully prepared by IKIN, have attracted the attention of many customers.

Booth of IKIN

testing machine for pressure test point
IKIN test point adaptor
IKIN booth in Bauma China
customers for IKIN booth
hydraulic test port fittings
hydraulic test point connectors
press check test point
hydraulic test hose&couplings

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