Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Connector with 90° Elbow manufacturer in China

Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Connector with 90° Elbow

Hydraulic Fittings Manufacturer, IKIN FLUID  

applied for the monitoring and testing of hydraulic pressure system

  • 100% test
  • Cone Seal Design
  • Wide Range
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Technical Team Over 20 people
  • Customized or ODM
  • 15 Days/On Time Delivery
  • Quick Response Within 12 hours
  • Small MOQ Accepted

Product Specifications

Item Specification
Raw MaterialFree Cutting Steel/Stainless Steel 304/Stainless Steel 316L, Optional
Seal MaterialNBR/FKM/EPDM/Low Temperature Resistant Rubber, Optional
Surface TreatmentZinc/Zinc Nickel(CrVI-free)/Color Zinc/Black, Optional
Marking RequestNo Logo or Customized
ThreadG1/4", M14*1.5, G1/2", M20*1.5, NPT1/2", NPT1/4", R1/2", R1/4", Optional

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