Why hydraulic connection adapters have oil leakage?

During the actual operation of the hydraulic system, hydraulic fittings oil leakage problem has always been one of the major issues affecting its normal operation.

To reduce the frequency of hydraulic equipment repairs, scientific and reasonable methods and means must be actively adopted to deal with and deal with, and comprehensively improve its overall application effect.

I. Analysis of oil leakage

Oil leakage is a common fault problem in hydraulic connection adaptors. It requires careful analysis and research to clarify the specific part of the fault, so that a good way can be found to solve it.

The main parts of hydraulic connection adaptors that have oil leakage failure include two aspects:

First, the connection between the joint body and the hydraulic parts.

Most of the oil leakage faults in this part are the use of ordinary fine thread. For the joint body and the port of the machine, sufficient sealing work needs to be done. A combination of sealing gaskets or O-rings can achieve good results.

Second, the connection part between the joint body and the steel wire braided hose joint.

Among them, the connection link mainly uses the conical surface sealing or the end surface sealing, and the O-ring can also play an effective sealing role.

It should be noted that no matter what kind of sealing method is used, oil leakage problems may occur. 90% is due to failure of the pipe joint seal, and 10% is due to vibration or unqualified tightening torque.

II.Treatment strategy of hydraulic pipe joint oil leakage fault

Facing the common oil leakage of hydraulic connection adaptors, it is necessary to actively adopt scientific and effective methods to control and deal with them, to promote its maintenance of good operating conditions and support the stable operation of hydraulic connection adaptors.

1. Choose a reasonable way considering O-ring failure

O-rings play an important role in the sealing of hydraulic connection adaptors. When some failures occur, some oil leakage problems will be caused.We need to start from the actual failure performance of the O-ring seal, combined with the possible causes of the failure, and make targeted solutions to achieve good results.

First, the small leakage phenomenon. The main reason for this problem is that the installation process has been damaged; the compression is not enough; the friction surface is relatively rough; the groove size is not suitable enough; there is a side unloading situation, and so on.

To effectively improve these problems, reasonable measures need to be adopted, such as: (1) The installation process must be carried out in strict accordance with the established specifications and hydraulic pipe joint standards to ensure that the installation effect reaches the established goals;(2) Choose a suitable sealing method and appropriately increase a certain amount of compression;(3) Carry out a comprehensive and detailed inspection of the groove surface, focusing on observing the width and depth of the groove to see if it meets the corresponding standards, and also observe whether the groove surface and the joint are matched;(4) Check with side unloading and eccentricity.

Second, the big leak. This is mainly because the actual use effect of O-rings is not good enough, There are some quality problems, including use failure, serious scratches, deterioration, uneven expansion, scrap O-rings, etc.In order to effectively improve this problem, it is necessary to replace the new sealing ring in time to ensure the sealing effect.

Third, there is too much friction. The main problem of hydraulic connection adaptors causing oil leakage is excessive friction.The main reason is that the seal compression and swelling are too large, and there is contact between metal and metal.

Effectively find a good response strategy, effectively select the seal to achieve a good fit effect, ensure that there is good compatibility between the materials, observe whether the corresponding retaining ring is required during the operation of the sealing ring, and observe whether there is no problem of excessive uneven expansion.

Fourth,  leakage at low temperatures. The amount of compression is insufficient or the material of the O-ring is not suitable enough.In view of this situation, it is necessary to select a suitable sealing ring in time, appropriately increase the amount of compression, and promote it to provide a certain guarantee for thermodynamic contraction.

Fifth, early failure. When the O-ring is actually used,If the assembly process is damaged, there is a large amount of compression,  the selected O-ring size is not correct enough, or the design groove effect is not good, then it will cause abnormal operation of the O-ring and premature failure. As a result, it will not be able to exert its proper sealing function, leading to some oil leakage failures.In response to this situation, it is necessary to actively adopt scientific and reasonable methods to deal with .

For example, the installation process is implemented in accordance with the regulations, and the specific compression amount is controlled to ensure that it has a high degree of rationality.At the same time, appropriately increase the cross-section of the O-ring and check whether the O-ring is overused.

2. Correctly select and install the O-ring

O-ring occupies an important position in the sealing work of hydraulic connection adaptors,In order to effectively improve the sealing effect of hydraulic equipment and reduce the problem of oil leakage,It is necessary to effectively use a good O-ring, choose the right and appropriate method, and install it in strict accordance with the regulations.

First, it is necessary to effectively use a good O-ring, choose the right and appropriate method, and install it in strict accordance with the regulations.

On the one hand, the groove can be stretched to a certain extent after the O-ring is installed, the joint should be well contracted after being assembled.It can be seen from previous installation experience that the cross-sectional diameter of the O-ring needs to be 0.6 to 0.9 times the width of the sealing groove.

Secondly, scientifically and standardly implement installation operations.

The actual installation effect of the O-ring will have an important impact on its service life and the actual operating effect of the hydraulic connection adapters.Therefore, it is necessary to control the actual installation operation, and reasonably control the operation of the seal ring and the seal, so that it can achieve a good match in the groove.

In most cases, installation in the manner of rectangular grooves can achieve good results. At the same time, it should be noted that the actual processing, assembly and acceptance of the sealing groove are in progress.The fillet radius of the groove edge needs to be controlled above 0.2 mm, and appropriate assembly tools should be selected to reduce the occurrence of poor connection effects of the firmware.Ensure that the sealing ring is installed in place to meet the established sealing compression requirements.

三. Conclusion

Hydraulic connection adaptors are important in the actual operation of hydraulic equipment. They are also the main parts that are prone to some oil leakage failures. They will affect the operation of the entire equipment and need to be controlled in a reasonable way.

In hydraulic connection adaptors, O-ring is one of the key parts. It is necessary to choose a reasonable method based on its failure performance, and correctly select and install the O-ring.

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